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The mission statement of this community is to take modern literature, post-modern, existential, philosophical works and make it applicable to relevence it pertains to current times. Also social commentaries, outside influences/perspectives on aspects on the book to focus on to critique the book. Main focus is open to reading any writer that questions society and the meaning of individual choices. Details could be impact writers had involving literary movements.

Discussions in the community are interpretations of books chosen by its members. After every book has been read over a duration of a month, there will be a held discussion about the particular book and lasts two weeks. Prior to the next book discussion will be a poll taken by its members to brainstorm ideas of other works to choose from. The following reading lists (here and here: second one found from zenlikeintense) with suggested titles of books to choose from, but not limited to. Depending on the poll votes taken, accessibility of books voted/suggested on (on-line copy available?), any other technical factors taken into account.

The current book is Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. There are couple editions available at your local library:

Paperback: 160 pages
*Publisher: Harper Perennial Modern Classics (April 1, 1999)
*ISBN: 0060931671

Library Binding: 183 pages
*Publisher: Buccaneer Books (May, 1997)
*ISBN: 1568493207

Unknown Binding: 138 pages
*Publisher: Bantam Books (1972)
*ASIN: B00073B47S

Source: Amazon.com

An on-line copy has not been located.

There are no excuses to not obtain a copy of The Crying of Lot 49.

Quoting directly from text is encouraged to support arguments and discussions.

Community Guidelines

*Please respect others’ opinions, thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
*Refrain from including literary devices in analyzations of the book(s)/works being discussed. It deters from the original purpose.
*No Poetry books.
*Books already nominated and discussed on cannot be nominated a second time. Refer to the following list of "Books Already Read." The list can also be located under the community's "memorable entries."
*Nominating a book to read and not posting at least one response (in the form of a community's journal entry) relevant to the book during the month's duration of discussion time will lead to an automatic dismissal of the_modern.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? Please e-mail the provided e-mail address available on the top of the user page. Thank you for your time.

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