andy (mildlyabsurd) wrote in the_modern,

Hello, I'm new to the community. Though Naked Lunch is at the top of my personal reading list, I haven't had the opportunity to start--being an English undergrad seems to eat up all of your reading time. It is actually concerning an academic issue that I come to you.

I'm trying to come up with a reasonably narrow topic for an assignment which is to compare Eliot's The Waste Land and Woolf's To the Lighthouse. Though it would reasonably easy to generate an essay superficially comparing technique and attitudes of the works, I'd really like to focus on some specific theme or set of related themes--perhaps in terms of contrasting the manner in which rhetorical techniques or some other particular characteristic of the writing are employed to explore them. Unfortunately my time is limited and I'm having a hard time starting from scratch, since our lovely professor elected not to lecture on either work.

So, I'm requesting suggestions for a focused topic. If anyone has an idea, please comment. Assuming I manage to complete the assignment, I'll be happy to discuss what I come up with or post portions if anyone is interested.

With humble thanks,
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