October 16th, 2004

Cup Coffee

Book of the Month

It's that time again! Once the book choice is decided depending on your vote, will the deadline be set and fixed. We're not on such a time crunch this time around so the voting time will only take a duration of two weeks, so please vote on your choice book. For book details, go to amazon.com for information on each book. I've relentlessly have gotten lazy and won't post the information on each book like the previous time i have since there's more texts this time around (Look on amazon.com for these books to help you decide). Thank you.

--Message from the co-maintainer, warped_chick

Poll #367778 Voting Time!

Which of these books would you prefer to read for this month's book discussion?

Paul Auster-City of Glass
Thomas Pynchon-Gravity's Rainbow
Salman Rushdie-Midnight's Children
Virginia Woolf-"Mrs. Dalloway"
Bulgakov-The Master and Margarita
Jeffrey Eugenides-Middlesex: A Novel
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