August 16th, 2004

on ethics of war- strategic resistence

ASPEN TREE, your leaves glance white into the dark.
My mother's hair was never white.

Dandelion, so green is the Ukraine.
My yellow-haired mother did not come home.

Rain cloud, above the well do you hover?
My quiet mother weeps for everyone.

Round star, you wind the golden loop.
My mother's heart was ripped by lead.

Oaken door, who lifted you off your hinges?
My gentle mother cannot return.

paul celan, aspen tree, holocaust poet


"terrorism is war against rich people
war is terrorism against poor people"

me was told that theese dictum is too essential... reductionist..
of course it is,
you cant say that all terrorism is war against the rich.

now ask me, "were all the people killed in WTO 'sinners', were they rich..."

this is a real problematic, faced when you take a stand against multinational

capitalism, and an american centric philosophy of economy and life.

 my point is... the wto victims
they were not the victim of bin laden, they were the victim of multinational, capitalist,

colonial america..
means, to put it straight,
its george bush who killed them.

and they are not martyers of america, they are only victims,
and their death, were used by the state as a promotional advertisment... used

strategically, as 'emotional' and political violence.
which untimately was directed against the iraqies and afgans,
dropping bombs and food packets from the same airfighter.
it is to this strategic violence, that we use, a 'strategic essentialism' when saying

that terrorism is 'war against rich people'...

it is the 'survival tatics' of the oppressed, 

a tatics, not for oil or money but for existence...

 this statement-'terrorism is war against rich people' is not a universal 'truth'-

applicable to all times and all people,
its contextual, and always under the chance of 'erasure'

'would love someone to, tear up-art my argument'