August 9th, 2004

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I'm thinking about how to improve this.

My inclination is to just start a modern 2.0.

The other idea is that we could scrap the whole voting thing and just have each member be responsible for choosing a book and then leading the discussion for that month.

Maybe this way people will be more engaged with it.

I feel more than a little bit responsible for the failure of the modern. I could have done the reading more or posted more when I had done the reading.

I don't know... I wanted it to work so bad.

Maybe I should tear it down and do modern 2.0 so that people will only add it as a community if they are willing to do the reading and lead discussion.

I'll even lead discussion every other month. People don't need to have an extensive knowledge of the text they choose for the month they lead. They can even choose a book that they haven't heard of before. Mostly, they will just be responsible for asking some questions about it and having people comment.

(no subject)

Everyone who reads this, please read the last post and

A) give your observations about the failure of this community and what we can do to make it better.


B) whether you'd be willing to join and then willing to do the reading on a new community that will be identical to this one, but will just be like a new beginning.

One thing about this one, is that it may have failed because it was started around the time that people had finals and then summer.