July 31st, 2004

you can contribute

friends... romans... countrywomen

i am doin a weekly column in our newspaper, from this week,
the general theme is, to put it very simbly, how foreigners(foreign media, travelogues, advertisments) see indians, our culture, our news etc...

even though the we/they distinction is problematic, for general convienience ive decided to put it this way,

the first issue would carry, a travel experience of a white woman in india... and the next one would feature a cnn advertisment that appeared in the latest issue of time magazine, asia edition.

if you ever come across anysuch news, feature, historical piece, it can be even missionary writings or colonial military records... it can be a little news item, that appears in a foreign newspaper... sometimes hate attacks, or items which have subtle colonial suggessions in the way the news or views are presented.
please let me know at..
and the name of the column is zebra...
and thanks for joge and quzling who helped me have
a gmail account...