July 14th, 2004

Raven and tower

I hope this is allowed:

I'm looking for fellow literary people- I've just created a community centered on the works and mind of Edgar Allan Poe. I don't want to focus just on the fiction works he wrote, but also have access to several of his nonfiction works, and would like to discuss ideas Poe had, such as the equivalence of madness to genius, and his infamous "imp of the perverse". I think this could spark a lot of interesting conversation.

If there are any other avid Poe fans, like myself, please join! It was just begun today, and I'm interested to see what other people can contribute!

EDIT: (how stupid of me) forgot the link! It's madnessofpoe! Sorry


~cuervodepaz (and im_a_dark_lord)

(X-posted... sorry if you see this more than once)

PS> I couldn't find whether or not you allowed relevant communities to be advertised here- so if you don't like this,you can delete this entry. But thanks anyway!
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