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[Reading the] modern(ism)/post-modern(ism)'s Journal
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Date:2004-07-13 11:31
Subject:New book?
Mood: curious

Just a random question-
has anyone completely finished Proust's novel? I'm still only halfway through. It's a book I've only been able to read a little bit at a time, heh. But I do love it. It's sooo beautiful.

But I had a question- what was the next book going to be?

Has anyone started reading it? Am I behind?


Date:2004-07-13 12:04
Subject:New Book
Mood: chipper

It's been about two months duration of voting for the next book choice. The majority who chose to vote decided on Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire. the_modern's profile has been updated.

As of today, the next deadline to have this book read by is Saturday, July 31st. Plenty of time. Discussions will proceed after then. A big thanks to those who participated in voting in the poll.


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