June 9th, 2004


Waining Community?

Haven't seen much activity on here in a while. I'm dissapointed because I was looking foward to reading my first novel with you guys.

In leau of a definite decision for this month's book I started to read Pale Fire because I'm a big Kubric fan and have always enjoyed Lolita. I'm in love with the structure! It's similar to a film project I'm working on where the plot revolves around a mixtape. Each song triggers remembered events in order to form the narrative.

Anyways, if we did decide on a book, and I'm just out of the loop throw me a line. Otherwise, let's get crackin!
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New To the Group

Hi. I joined the group a few days ago because I'm preparing for comprehensive exams later this year for my PhD and Swann's Way is on my list of books (as well as the rest of Proust). I haven't posted to begin discussion because I didn't know how the discussion worked and I didn't want to rock the boat.

But no one has posted anything yet, so I guess I'll just mention the main idea/frustration I had with this book. I could never completely enjoy this book because I became aggravated with Swann's naivety (or simple unwillingness to accept reality) throughout the novel. He seems to be too naive and stupid for words; it's obvious from the beginning that Odette is using Swann and taking lying to him, but Swann either doesn't know or doesn't care and enjoys allowing himself to be tortured. Regarding Swann's rejection of reality, I believe that's what Proust was trying to point out in the work--people interpret reality in their own way. Reality is constructed both by the experience and the memory/conception of the experience. That explains the narrator's meticulous descriptions of his settings and individuals. Also, the reality of the madeleine becomes a combination of the experience the narrator has when biting into it and the events of his life that emerge upon tasting the cookie dipped into his tea.

I have other ideas regarding this and the concept of Time, but I'll hold back for now to see what others think.