May 18th, 2004

(no subject)

I'm assuming that there aren't any nominations coming.

I wish we there had been more. I'm going to add some and we'll start voting.

Vladimir Nabokov- Pale Fire
Don Delillo- White Noise
Mikail Bulgakov- Master and Margarita
Virginia Woolf- To the Lighthouse
Louis-Ferdinand Celine- Long Days Journey Into Night

maybe a few others too, I'm in the middle of teaching children- so I don't really have my full attention on this.

I'd like to see like fifty of the 108 members vote on this this time. Maybe, I should comment on everyone's journal as a reminder.

Oh yeah, I'm not all that excited about Pale Fire. I've heard it's pretty much a writing experiment and doesn't really have plot structure or that it makes much sense to read. I'll read it if we end up choosing it though. I'm sure you guys know more about it than I do.