May 3rd, 2004


If you haven't read Ulysses yet...

June 16th is coming up, and Dublin's going to be overrun by Joyce enthusiasts from all over the world. I have read that there's nothing quite like Dublin on Bloomsday. So here's what I propose:

Since I can't be there (which is sad, since it is the centenary) I am going to start reading Ulysses on the 16th of June, 2004, and read two pages a day and book a ticket for June 16th next year. Since each of the parts span an year that should fit exactly. And ideally, we can all meet up in Dublin to share the experience.

I have never read it in one go, and I think the experience shall be frustrating, fascinating and eventually, rewarding. I've already got some people on board, and you can find us at bloomsday05 - I do hope you'll join us!
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