April 25th, 2004

willing to help me

friends its long time since ive written,
now I am presently preparing a book on nudism, in our vernacular.
it comprises, the philosophy of western nudism and naturalism, its various streams, the spiritual, familial and activist streams etc..
I also wish to include narratives of individuals into the work,
The book would also hae a portion of the present Indian response to nudism, I wish for indian naratives and people willing to speak out. Im not sure who will be willing.

now I request my LJ friend to support me with the work, You can help me by , providing materials, documents, narratives and of couse your experiences, opinions and reservations about the project.
I wish to acklowledge LJ in the production of the book, I would love to make it a collevtive effort, so may be it would become history.
Please let me know if there are anyone willing to help me, by collecting materials that are not so easily accesable thru the net. You can also suggest links, You can speak to friend, conduct and interview and send it to me.
I wish your whole hearted coperation, please feel free to mail me at