April 4th, 2004

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Profound quotes

Discuss these two quotes with the involvement/roles of the genius/the fool and time in general:

'No way,' she defended. 'A fetishist's someone who's got a fixation on one thing only. Of course, Grandfather's good at cabinetry. He's good at everything. Genius doesn't' specialize; genius is reason in itself.'
'Forget genius. It doesn't do much for innocent bystanders. Especially if everyone's going to want a piece of the action. That's why this whole mess happened in the first place. Genius or fool, you don't live in the world alone. You can hide underground or you can build a wall around yourself, but somebody's going to come along and screw up the works. Your grandfather is no exception. Thanks to him, I got my gut slashed, and now the world's going to end.'


Thinking about time was torment. Time is too conceptual. Not that it stops us from filling it in. So much so, we can't even tell whether our experiences belong to time or to the world of physical things.
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Cup Coffee

Which edition do you have?

Which edition of Murakami's Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World do you have? Picts of the cover or just briefly stating what edition are both acceptable.

Here's mine! I have the First Vintage International Edition, March 1993, Copyright © 1991 by Kodansha International Ltd.


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