March 15th, 2004

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the_modern member list

A quick update. Have noticed that we're not using the full extent of this community's capabilities. We have the choice to add communities onto this communitie's profile. This could advertise other communities in relation to the_modern and make efforts to advertise in other communities that we exist and could always use more members. For those who would rather keep the community as is, state so in the poll. I have added couple suggestions in the poll. Feel free to add more suggestions.

--Message from the co-maintainer, warped_chick

Poll #263565 Sister communities to join...

What communities do you suggest the_modern join (*Note: these communities must match the interests of the community or in relation to philosophy, book clubs, existentialism, etc.)?

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Camus is what I read to help enlighten me, he's definetly one of my two favourite authors. I also like Brave New World by Huxley.
I have tons upon tons of books I need to read, Sartre and Kafka and Nietzche topping the list.

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Have updated the interests list, changed it from 87 to now 95 interests. If you have any other interests appropriate for this community, feel free and post a comment, sharing it.

--Message from the co-maintainer, warped_chick
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