March 8th, 2004

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Book of the Month

mandarinsun, has been taking an extended period of time off from livejournal. But in the meantime, the community must go on and so we shall...Keep in mind when voting these were the only suggestions to which were suggested at the beginning if you would like to add more suggestions do so on the previous the_modern entry with the fill-in-the blank poll.

I was rather disappointed with the book discussion on Pynchon's book. I hope that now with your input on book choices there will be more intellectual discussions and overall conversing on this month's book. Once the book choice is decided depending on your vote, will the deadline be set and fixed. We're on a time crunch so the voting time will only take a duration of a week to less than a week, so please vote on your choice book. Thank you.

--Message from the co-maintainer, warped_chick

Poll #259863 Voting Time!
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