January 14th, 2004

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Members here already should start reading Crying of Lot 49- the faster we finish and can begin talking about it, the sooner we can have the first discussion and vote about what the following book will be, which potentially could be the most intriguing part.

I have a pretty good plan to get more members: I'm pretty sure we'll have over fifty. I just plan to invite people whose interests are things like; Derrida, Lacan, Foucault, Joyce, Proust, Pynchon, etc individually, which will take some time to do :)Also, realize that people, if we are friendly, effusive, and engaged with this first book, will be more likely to become potential members.

Any suggestions on which name will cull the most matches or people that are interested is appreciated.

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People who don't know much about this topic are deeply encouraged to participate in this group. I am going to try to make this accessible to many people and have the group choose books that are on the easier side of this spectrum. Then, advanced people can be advanced in discussion, while beginners can be involved through responding to the reading- and then can become advanced through reading and writing in response to the advanced members comments.