January 13th, 2004

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Welcome all :) !!. Warped_Chick provided a very succinct intro. and I agree with the intentions stated there.This is supposed to be a community that is involved in reading modern/post-modern texts. We will spend a set period of time reading and commenting on each book we select. Then, members will vote on which book we will choose to read next.

I am thinking that warped_chick and I will decide disputes over which book follows. However the plan is to go by a strict vote and only guide it if somehow something happens that makes this more complicated. Something interesting that could entangle this would be someone choosing a book that is not under the subject heading. I guess, we'll cross that road when we come to it. I'd like to error on the side of being too open though. If people here want to read either something earlier than Modernism that relates to it- like Kierkegaard, Balzac, Stendahl, etc... I think it's ok and we should just roll with it. Additionally, if people bring up and vote in a book that is contemporary, but just not very literary- assuming that how it relates to modernism/post-modernism will be part of the discussion of it- I think that is allowed too. Maybe part of the discussion of the book voted in can be how it relates to the topic, but I don't think anyone should get angry about the choices that people vote for.

My emphasis is on making this club work, having as large a number of on-topic comments and participants as possible and having a comfortable place to write and discuss modernist/post-modernist books. However, I would like to make the first part of that sentence the priority because it is in the interest of everyone that wants to speak that we build a community of people open to listening.

That being said, I am excited to have people join and we will begin soon. I would like to wait and see how the member list progresses. We are reading Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 first. After we finish that and conclude discussing it, we will then open the community to suggesting and voting for the next book etc.

Thanks for adding us.

I can think of other things I could say now, but we can talk about them later.